Vail Daily letter: That was a mess |

Vail Daily letter: That was a mess

The town of Vail and Vail Resorts should be embarrassed and deeply troubled by the Spring Back to Vail concert (Saturday) night. While I can appreciate the attempt to promote and showcase our beautiful valley and resorts, I do not believe the mile of litter, public intoxication and drug abuse leading in and out of the venue (not to mention the shenanigans taking place inside) made progress towards that goal. In fact, I think it had an opposite effect.

As a snowboarder and longtime fan of the Vail concert series (winter and summer), Burton US Open events, and Vail Resorts ownership of the resort, I was disgusted by the trash and drug trafficking taking place along the frontage road. Dealers were moving up and down the line offering various drugs (only one of which is legal in Colorado and none of which are legal on federal lands). In a very sad display, my husband, friends and I observed a guy dealing drugs while his girlfriend was sitting nearby with a baby protecting his stash. This makes the grandmother in me cringe with disgust.

By my observation, the people attending the free concert made no meaningful contribution to our local economy. In fact, it looked like a bunch of ragamuffins that took advantage of a free concert and then slept in their cars or returned back home after the show.

We, the locals and real drivers of our economy, were left with a blighted area and real mess to clean up.

Jessica Wheeler


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