Vail Daily letter: That’s satire, right? |

Vail Daily letter: That’s satire, right?

It’s nice to see the Vail Daily experimenting with satirical faux news, a la The Onion and The Colbert Report. My husband and I both thought Wednesday’s story about the “problematic” Sound Tribe Spector 9 Spring Back concert was hilarious. The idea that the band attracted the wrong crowd, which the council members could tell immediately by the inexpensive cars they drove, was a brilliant bit of lampooning. As former residents of Boulder who lived within two miles of the campus there, we especially enjoyed the fake quotes from council members Jenn Bruno and Dave Chapin — specifically, the part about the Karl Denson concert going so well because the band attracted the right crowd: CU and CSU kids “driving BMWs,” and how, by contrast, when Mr. Chapin wandered through the STS9 concert crowd, he saw “a lot of drug use going on.” Hahaha! The only thing that would have made this funnier would have been a photo of some of those “right” BMW-driving CU kids on a drunken melee, incinerating a couch, or flipping a police car, or passed out on a neighbor’s lawn covered in their own vomit. (I’m sure the Boulder police would have been happy to provide them — they have plenty!) You could have captioned it “Our future customers.”

Madeleine Berenson


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