Vail Daily letter: That’s stealing |

Vail Daily letter: That’s stealing

The Vail Valley has some of the greatest restaurants, with some great staff members, led by great management teams. Unfortunately I am not here to praise these teams. It seems the generosity of some isn’t enough for these hard working individuals, and they are trying to take advantage of you and me.

About two weeks ago, before a Tuesday night concert I stopped at one of my favorite restaurants for an app and a drink. There were two of us, we had an app, a couple drinks, and paid our tab. We paid via credit card, and left the tip in cash (filling out the tip portion as “cash”), a very generous tip. Fortunately I kept my receipt! Two days later I was checking my card statement and, behold, the amount I left did not match my receipt. The bartender had decided to tip herself an additional $20, bringing her total tip to somewhere around $40!

Last week, I was in Lionshead, needed a quick lunch and stopped at a local establishment, sat at the bar and ordered some to-go food. I waited, the bartender poured me a water, and then my food came. This time I paid my bill via credit card and left the tip with the card as well. Again, reviewing my card statement I noticed an additional $4 from what I had already left.

I bring this to the attention of all of those dining in the village and Lionshead, and to the management staff and owners of all of the restaurants in this valley. Your food may be great, your specials could be to die for, however if your staff is stealing from your patrons your special could be going out of business. It saddens me to think the staff at local establishments are stealing from locals; imagine what they are doing to our guests. Protect yourself, protect your hard earned dollars, and remember even though we live in “Happy Valley” there are people out there looking to take advantage of you!

Nick Pope

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