Vail Daily letter: The candidate we need |

Vail Daily letter: The candidate we need

Well, there they go again as Ronald Reagan was fond of saying — the majority of the attendees the recent CPAC conference set up their familiar howls of a belief in some non-existent deity, a disdain for the rights of women, the denial of the proven fact of climate change, a visceral hatred for president Obama, a dislike for the rights of the GLBT community, an unwillingness to address effectively immigration issues and other familiar but time-worn (out) tenets of the right wing of the Republican Party.

Thus the GOP has once again staked out its position of desiring to be the 1950s-era party of old white men, and continue to be obstructionists in all matters political while offering no substantial solutions to the severe and mounting problems facing the nation at home and abroad.

In this day and age, given the advances made in science and the drastic change in the nation’s demographics and attitudes, an overall performance that amounted to a circular firing squad.

Unless cooler heads in the Republican Party soon prevail and manage to nominate a truly centrist candidate for president who is able to win the trust of the nation and thereby secure the majority of popular and electoral votes come next November, the country will most likely see a repeat of the results of the vote for president in 2008 and 2012, and once again the party of Lincoln will go down in flames.

For the long-term survival of the United States, the next occupant of the White House must be a woman or a man having an exceptional record of achievement running a big operation (state and/or business), a firm grasp of history and an uncommon ability to bring the nation together once again, not continue to split it asunder.

In our history as a democracy, such a statesman came forward in 1776, 1860 and 1941; therefore let us all have confidence that someone of equal stature and abilities will appear on the ballot in 2016.

Peter Bergh


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