Vail Daily letter: The future of Eagle-Vail |

Vail Daily letter: The future of Eagle-Vail

Eagle-Vail recently hosted a Homeowners Association board member candidate forum where five residents threw their hats in the ring for three upcoming board seats. As a current member of the Eagle-Vail Homeowners Association board, I listened with great interest as I will soon be working with three of them with the collective goal of continuing to steer Eagle-Vail in the right direction. Two of the candidates are seeking re-election, one is a past board member, and two are jumping in for the first time. The residents of Eagle-Vail are now challenged with electing three of the five they think will best serve their needs as regards the near-term future of Eagle-Vail.

As I listened, I heard all five express a sincere love, yes even passion, for where they call home. The sincerity from all was quite evident. Their ideas on how Eagle-Vail needs to move forward are where they differ.

We bought a second home in Eagle-Vail in 2000 and I quickly discovered (at least I thought) the then Homeowners Association board held second-home owners about a millimeter above a red-headed step-sister. With a small chip on my shoulder, I ran for the board and was elected. Driving close to 100 miles from our primary residence to attend board meetings was anything but fun. (Please, no back pats.) In those days the Homeowners Association board was truly considered second class to the Metro District board.

But all that was soon to change. Following the Urban Land Institute’s recommendations, we formed a Board of Governors which gave this wonderful neighborhood one head instead of two. One of the biggest changes that arose from that move was the elected representatives of the residents (i.e. the Homeowners Association board) got a seat at the big table. Significant positive move. Metro District board members directly and immediately challenged, assisted, guided Homeowners Association board members in their decisions and vice-versa. Net result: The residents of Eagle-Vail are better off. Period.

So be sure and vote as the future of your neighborhood depends on it. Review the candidates carefully and before you vote, ask yourself: Do you want to go back to being considered second class or do you want your voice better heard via a seat at the big girls’ and boys’ table?

Mike Kieler

Board member, Eagle-Vail Homeowners Association

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