Vail Daily letter: The gift of organ donation |

Vail Daily letter: The gift of organ donation

Regarding the letter to the editor by Robert F. Hickey published Oct. 27, some of what you say may be true but you have left out the living part of the puzzle. My family’s story started 29 years ago this Thanksgiving. My then-sister was 37 weeks pregnant and had a seizure in the shower — she felt it coming. My sister went to turn the water off in the midst of her seizure. She lay in the hot scalding water until the tank drained. She came to, crawled out of the shower, called her husband who then took her to the nearest hospital, where she underwent treatment for third-degree burns on her upper arm and upper thigh. The burns she suffered while she was still pregnant and under medicated due to the pregnancy was heart-breaking and extremely painful. She underwent several surgeries prior to delivery so that she could attempt a natural birth. Those surgeries applied cadaver skin over the open wounds on her leg and arm so infection would not take her arm and leg. !

I have a feeling that you have never had to deal with being on the receiving end of the gift of life or the giving side of helping other families when their loved one was in need of the gift. People forget that the gift does not just have to be organs. It can be eyes — giving someone the gift of sight is amazing. The gift of skin (the largest organ) can he helpful to those that have been devastated by burns. How do you think that doctors perfect the skills of their occupation? I am not saying that there isn’t corruption, but the gift of donation is one of the best ways to help your fellow human.

In loving memory, Diane L. Booker, Dec. 11, 1958-Nov. 13, 2007. Loving daughter, sister,mother, aunt, and friend.

Mary Kerst


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