Vail Daily letter: The human effect |

Vail Daily letter: The human effect

I read with interest Don Rogers’ column July 3 on global warming, You covered an often quoted summary of past global warming periods in history, but you failed to mention one huge additional factor that our current world is dealing with. World population did not reach the 1 billion mark until 1804, 2 billion in 1929, 3 billion in 1959, etc., etc., and we are now over 7 billion heading for 8 billion. It doesn’t take much “rocket science” to understand that this large population is generating a very large amount of carbon dioxide (greenhouse gases) in many different ways such as gas engines, industrial production of all kinds, burning of coal to produce electricity, etc., etc. This is a current factor in global warming our world has never experienced before. It would also seem to be a logical conclusion that maybe we should err on the side of caution and look at the available evidence that says definitely global warming is to some degree caused by humans, 7 billion of them. I have a strong feeling future generations will be glad we did.

I just wanted to add these additional thoughts for consideration. Thanks for your column

Charlie O’Reilly

Nixa, Mo.

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