Vail Daily letter: The less voters know … |

Vail Daily letter: The less voters know …

The Democrat’s chances of success in the 2016 election are enhanced if the electorate is less informed about the issues. Their candidates would be hard pressed to defend the last eight years. We have had the weakest economic recovery in postwar history, Obamacare and the state exchanges are crumbling, America’s role on the world stage is shrinking and the percent of people who think the country is headed in the right direction continues to ebb.

Unwilling to change their policies, the candidates to want to continue or even double down on the current policies. They want to use sleight-of-hand by getting voters to focus on class warfare, racism and the growth of income inequality that their policies have actually contributed to. To accomplish this they need less informed voters.

The New York Times reports that former Clinton and Obama aides have formed a group, iVote, which plans to spend “up to $10 million on a polish to make voter registration automatic whenever someone gets a driver’s license.” The effect of this automatic registration is to put people on the voter rolls who are neither knowledgeable nor energized by the issues or motivated enough to register themselves. Naturally, any opposition of drive-through registration or the favoring of voter ID is met with accusations of voter suppression.

Columnist George Will wrote that people enrolled to vote through these methods “will be those people who are especially uninterested, and hence especially uninformed about, public affairs”; that the “kind of people will not bestir themselves to exercise their franchise if doing so requires them to get off their couches and vote are barely interested and hence probably barely informed.”

Finally, what better evidence could there be to show the Democrat’s desire for less informed voters then to look at their debate schedule? Their last debate, which was minimally advertised, was being held Saturday night. Yes, a debate designed to inform voters on their candidate’s policies was held on Saturday night from 9 to 11 p.m. East Coast time. Their remaining two debates will be held on a Saturday and Sunday night during NFL football playoff season. Is this the kind of schedule that is designed to inform voters and get them to accept your policies? Or is it a schedule to hide from the facts and stay under the radar? Is it simply to shield their embarrassing candidates from public view?

Jeff Miller


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