Vail Daily letter: The real job creators |

Vail Daily letter: The real job creators

Mr. Trump has made the claim that it is the uber-rich who are the “job creators” in America. They are therefore entitled to enormous salaries and compensation packages with minimal taxation. The argument is that this will stimulate the economy. I would like to make one small point regarding the use of the term “job creators.” Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor under Clinton, educator and eloquent author, has pointed out that the real “job creators” in this country are the middle and the lower classes — who purchase goods and services. Their demand depends upon them having purchasing power. When they lack this purchasing power, it simply doesn’t matter how many goods and services are provided by companies. They aren’t purchased and jobs are not created. This concept applies whether a company is a large, multi-national corporation or a company of one — as I am during the summer months. My gardening skills and marketing strategy might be phenomenal; however, if people do not have the money for my services I will not have work. I prefer to consider Mr. Trump and others of his ilk who claim entitlement to huge compensation packages as “concept creators.” I concede that this is a valid role; it just isn’t even close to the entire picture. If we (the consumers) have the money, we might choose to buy a “concept” — or not.

Regardless of who wins this election, in my opinion, the most significant voice has already been heard. Thank you, Bernie.

Pamela Gibbs

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