Vail Daily letter: The smoking car |

Vail Daily letter: The smoking car

I recently read your article “Vail cracking down on ganja-la rides” and thought what a good thing for Vail to do. Today, I was boarding Gondola One when three young people in a car pulled the doors closed. I was in the singles line and was told that it was a “reserved” gondola car. As you probably know, smoke and the smell of marijuana wafted from that car all the way up the mountain. Now, I know that this will happen in spite of what Vail tries to do. However, when a Vail lift operator promotes this practice, that is unacceptable. The lift operator clearly knew what was going on and she allowed three individuals to take a full car in spite of the morning lines. I will not take Vail seriously on their efforts as long as I see their employees as facilitators of the process. Shame on Vail.

Susan Lynch


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