Vail Daily letter: The tangled web |

Vail Daily letter: The tangled web

“Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive” (Sir Walter Scott). Obama’s camp follower purposely, intentionally and capriciously abrogated State Department regulations and law by re-routing official and classified information to her personal server — was this for convenience or designed to deceive the public regarding her peddling favors for contributions to her slush fund (Clinton Foundation)? Some would call this activity “gross negligence,” “gross carelessness,” or even an intentional violation of the Espionage Act of 1917. I say, considering the rampant corruption evinced by the Obama administration for the past 7.5 years, she would be a “fit” for the office of the presidency, if that was the criteria necessary for the job.

The “web” continues to be spun through the offices of the FBI and Department of Justice, what with Bill meeting with Loretta on the tarmac, all FBI investigators effectively gagged from revealing the truth to the public, and the inane or nonsensical reasoning of the FBI director in his finding of no criminality. The “rule of law” took a holiday when the political “fix” was in; justice was compromised by the politics of the times, and the liberal and socialistic agenda survives to live another day in its march toward the destruction of a once great republic. Simply put, “politics” corrupts the very foundation of a free society and the fabric of a constitutional republic. The executive branch legislates via executive orders; the legislature squabbles into fecklessness and impotence; and now, the Supreme Court itself weighs in on political matters thereby compromising its supposed objectivity.

The “law” has become a political concept that has no mooring. It is selectively and unequally applied based upon one’s wealth, office, political persuasion, party affiliation or governmental connections. Where the FBI director and attorney general see only carelessness in a legion of egregious acts perpetrated by Hillary, but grievous criminality in one misstep by a military officer, it is not difficult to discern that justice is different for “different folks.” The “law” has become a facade to dupe a complacent and naive public into servitude for an oppressive governmental apparatchik with only its selfish interests at stake. And that apparatchik is no longer a republic, but an aristocracy of governors. It is astounding that over one half of the electorate condones or rationalizes Hillary’s dishonesty and criminality into an acceptable “American norm” thereby leaving the political “web” in place and tangled that entraps us all.

Fredric Butler

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