Vail Daily letter: The way things used to be |

Vail Daily letter: The way things used to be

I recently heard someone on the radio mention that many of Trump’s supporters were nostalgic and wanted things back the way they used to be. As a woman in her 80s, I can tell you how things used to be. Women had to be twice as talented and knowledgeable to compete in business, science, and you name it. Gay and lesbian people had to hide and lie or lose jobs and even homes. Agricultural workers had to deal with despicable conditions. Our wild places and air and water had far less protection than they do now. (Oh, my, what terrible government regulations!)

Maybe the Trump supporters long for the good old days when there weren’t 7 billion-plus people in the world (2 billion when I was born), but I understand that many of those are the very people so against women having control over reproduction. There are lots of problems in the present (such as climate change) and there’s nothing wrong with a bit of nostalgia, but don’t let it cloud the reality of the way things used to be.

How any intelligent woman could vote for Trump is beyond my ability to understand. And, fortunately, the white males in my family understand what ignorant and hateful speech is no matter how it is cushioned.

Katherine Delanoy


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