Vail Daily letter: There goes the neighborhood |

Vail Daily letter: There goes the neighborhood

After watching the Vail Town Council deny the golf clubhouse appeal this week, it appears at least some of the council members are questioning the economic viability of that location to hold 60-90 events each summer. If you can help them find a new location, maybe the Vail Daily could run this classified:

“Looking to Rent or Purchase”

“Large home or golf clubhouse with views of the Gore Range in quiet established neighborhood. Must have indoor seating for 160 people plus 40-person grill, outdoor patio for 160 (we will expand your deck if necessary), lawn area for 160 (we will tear out whatever is in our way). Zoning is not an issue so long as you have had a cocktail party there in the past. Prefer home next to Town Council member, so they won’t be impacted. We have already considered Donovan Pavilion and don’t like the view. Please call Beth at 477-VLMD.”

Dale Bugby


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