Vail Daily letter: This will hurt kids |

Vail Daily letter: This will hurt kids

From the Drug Enforcement Administration: THC in marijuana is mind-altering. There are problems with memory and learning. There is distorted perception and coordination while driving.

From the National Institute on Drug Abuse: Overall marijuana is the most prevalent illegal drug detected in impaired drivers, fatally injured drivers and motor vehicle crash victims.

At the Oct. 29 commissioner meeting, County Attorney Treu gave the commissioners legal justification to keep marijuana out of Edwards.

There are 11 schools in Edwards and more than 2,589 students. There are three child care facilities. Add to this the fact that the children from the Wolcott development (577 future homes) will attend the Edwards schools. This is more than I presented at the meeting. Michelle and Candace with the Eagle River Youth Foundation told me about the others.

Considering these numbers, how likely is it that marijuana presence will hurt or kill a child in Edwards? My mind is filled with the possibilities and I cringe!!!

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Barbara Allen

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