Vail Daily letter: Ticer for school board |

Vail Daily letter: Ticer for school board

Bob Ticer is running for a seat on the Eagle County School Board. As the police chief for the town of Avon, Bob has an eye on excellence, safety and community involvement. He is an outstanding individual, one of the highest integrity, and is one who believes in keeping the lines of communication open.

Bob Ticer succeeds in bringing excellence to the town of Avon. He reaches deep into our Hispanic community to develop relationships. Bob started one program called the “Kids, Cops, and Hoops Community Basketball Program,” participating in regular pick-up basketball games with kids in our community who benefit from his positive role modeling.

Bob is running for a seat on the school board to strive for the same goals he seeks in his profession, excellence and safety. Bob believes that all children in our valley deserve the best education possible. He also believes that populations in our county that are not excelling should be. In addition, Bob believes in not just the recruitment of great teachers but their retention as well. Great teachers make a difference in the lives of students and keeping them around helps our students reach and achieve.

If you want our schools to continue to strive for excellence, vote Bob Ticer for Eagle County School Board this fall.

Jennie Fancher

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