Vail Daily letter: Time to speak up |

Vail Daily letter: Time to speak up

Some things, when mixed, are good together: Chips and salsa, peanut butter and jelly. Some things sublime: Cake and ice cream, tequila and lime, tea for two and me for you. Some things don’t mix: Oil and water. Some things are just wrong Paisley and plaid. Drinking and driving is disastrous.

In town, mixed-use zoning conjures mutually nurturing citizens/business; watering hole and warm hearts. A-plus. Pedestrian traffic and liquor sales. Check. Bumping into neighbors from across town at the post office — how have you been? It’s good to have your in-laws staying at the real hotel. Amen. A gallon of milk at the end of the block on Sunday morning: Priceless.

How, on God’s green earth, does life in a 300-person neighborhood, nestled at 9,000 feet in pristine air and quiet mountain splendor, mix with an aloof industry like ATV and snowmobile rental? This business does not engage or regard local citizenry respectfully — increased traffic, noise, air pollution, overcrowding of often used and adored local trails (putting the trails at risk of being shut down by the Forest Service) without any positive outcome save a few dollars of tax revenue which when compared to destruction of quality of life and property devaluation and adds up to a big minus. Please note, all the board members live at the farther reaches of town and none near the epicenter of this eminent disaster. The board members couldn’t name the folks that live on the route (unless curiosity prompted a little research after my last letter). The advocates of the proposed business may have motored by the homes in a most impersonal manner, never considering to reach out or be concerned about the folks who live here.

Adding salt to the wound, the town lawyer has spent hours if not days giving counsel to the board and dealing with opponents. Taxpayer dollars are flying out the window for what a little common sense would tell anyone is a bad notion.

Red Cliff Board of Trustees should understand that the citizens come first in any equation regarding mixed use. The board has paved the way for an imbalanced relationship and now an appeal will come before them on Tuesday at 6 p.m.

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This is absolutely the worst idea for a business in downtown Red Cliff! Citizens of Red Cliff, Minturn, Vail, all the ’burbs of Eagle County and the world get loud: Let the town of Red Cliff know they are wrong minded. If you know someone on the Board of Trustees, speak up. Tell them that even though you don’t live here, you’re watching. Citizens come first!

Town or Red Cliff citizens speak your mind at the appeal hearing Tuesday at 6 p.m. at the old school. Be there and let’s finish this. We’ve all spent too much time and money going down the wrong path.

Please help

Jake Spears

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