Vail Daily letter: Tipping point |

Vail Daily letter: Tipping point

The other day, an email from the GOP asked, in 1000 words or less, to please let them know what they could do for me; and I took this opportunity to suggest a platform for the Republican party, that if adopted, would likely assure the party winning the very critical elections for the House, Senate and the White House in 2014 and 2016. This was the gist of my response:

Today, the United States is at a tipping point and is a divided and fractured nation, people are rapidly losing hope, the real unemployment figure is likely above 10 percent, 30 million Americans suffer from hunger and lack of adequate housing, serious environmental issues associated with climate change are going unaddressed, our foreign policy is in shambles and our greatest allies are questioning our commitment to them.

It was a Republican president, George W. Bush, whose lack of experience, wisdom and very poor leadership decisions shocked the nation to its senses and set the stage for a majority of Democratic senators, congressmen and an unknown community organizer from Chicago to be swept into office in 2008 on a platform of radical change. Well great change has come, and polls now indicate that a large majority of Americans are most uncomfortable with what that change means to them individually.

Having never run or governed anything, the new president’s lack of experience became evident shortly into his first term; however he was elected to a second term primarily due to the misguided efforts of the right wing of the Republican party who still believed that the nation should be governed by old white men who would impose their version of Sharia law on the rest of the population if elected. Fortunately, the voters said loud and clear, “no thanks”.

If the Republican party does not want to witness a repeat of the past two presidential elections, it must reflect the reality of the times by offering policies that hold promise, opportunity and advancement for blacks and Hispanics; and stand for office women and men who are uniters, not dividers who will offer not only false hope, but real opportunity for every citizen of this great nation.

Without a healthy economy, and near full employment, very little is possible in the way of providing services to those truly in need; therefore job one must be to get America back to work by doing all that is necessary to greatly expand the availability of well-paying jobs for the middle class not only in the public sector, but predominately in the private sector as well where it will show the greatest overall benefit.

Concurrently, a complete overhaul of our badly failing public school system must be undertaken starting with removing teacher’s unions out of the mix; immigration reform must be addressed as we need foreign workers at all skill levels: the Affordable Care Act must be repealed and replaced by carefully and deliberately correcting existing problems with the system: tort reform is essential to stop lawyers from damming things up to create great pools of profit for themselves and great expense for the rest of us.

We can no longer afford to be the world’s only policeman, and we must avoid further involvement in foreign civil and religious wars; our ridiculously over-complicated tax code should be scraped in its entirety and replaced by one that is easy to understand, far simpler and fair to everyone, no more loopholes for corporations and the wealthy; faith in ourselves is to be encouraged, but keep religious beliefs and the antiquated dogma that accompanies it out of politics, as there is no solid evidence at all that there is any being, force or deity out there that will one day swoop down and save us from ourselves.

The United States has faced a number of existential challenges during the course of its history to date, and by coming together as a nation we have always managed to overcome them. We can do so once again, and by electing wise and experienced men and women to lead and unite us, we will be able to remain not only the greatest nation on earth but continue to serve as an attractive model for other nations and their people around the world.

Peter Bergh


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