Vail Daily letter: Tipton for Congress |

Vail Daily letter: Tipton for Congress

Gail Schwartz’s media attacks on Republican U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton are both false and misleading. Schwartz has highlighted her support for public lands as what “sets her apart” from Tipton. Her grandfatherly radio spokesman says her Republican opponent is selling public lands to his “fat cat friends.”

The legislation supported by Tipton includes the HEARD Act and deals only with federal lands the federal government has already identified and expressed an interest in selling and does not identify any new lands for sale. Supporters of the legislation say it is intended to reallocate funds to other priority needs of the federal government.

The bill does not issue any new public lands for sale. The Schwartz campaign points out an amendment, supported by Democrats, that would prohibit the sale of all public lands. That amendment was properly opposed by Tipton and other Republicans as a “Democrat stunt.”

The Schwartz camp further pointed to a measure backed by Tipton that would allow a state to request a transfer of federal mining leasing, permitting and regulatory authority to the state but it said nothing of transferring ownership. That is simply a Schwartz fabrication.

Tipton has sponsored bills to expand acreage of, and access to, our public lands. He stood with the ski industry when the Forest Service attempted to seize their water rights. He did the same for ranchers and other businesses whose efforts improve public lands. He has a skill for balancing the diverse interests involved in Colorado’s public land use policy. He listens to facts instead of distorting them.

I’ve known Scott for more than a dozen years. He was an excellent state legislator. He has been a successful businessman for decades. He is far and away the best candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in our vast 3rd Congressional District.

Randy Milhoan


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