Vail Daily letter: Too expensive for seniors |

Vail Daily letter: Too expensive for seniors

Change is inevitable, but preserving the culture that made Vail what it is today is a crucial aspect in maintaining the vitality of the resort. I have had the privilege of watching Vail develop over the years and find it off-putting that the senior citizens and locals that have supported Vail since Day 1 have been alienated. The $10 discount for senior citizens is a poor attempt at honoring what we have done for Vail and the skiing industry. We have happily absorbed increasing tickets prices for our whole family for 53 years. I believe that Vail Resorts is in the wrong charging senior citizens to take a few runs with their families. It is likely that these seniors are responsible for bringing these families to Vail. The resort has an opportunity to honor those who continue to support the community, and to carry on a tradition of respect and culture.

Sally Claggett Duncan


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