Vail Daily letter: Too many people |

Vail Daily letter: Too many people

I have to agree with Joe McHugh’s letter (Wednesday’s Vail Daily) on the dangers of skiing these days. I was born in New York and was a ski patrol kid at Whiteface who learned to ski at 1 as soon as I could walk. The first time I came to Vail was 1972 and never wanted to leave. Thankfully we came much and often and my parents moved here in 1985. My husband and I followed in 1991. Unfortunately, I barely ski anymore, although I still love it and I was taught at a very young age to follow the code. My fear is getting run down and I am tired of looking over my shoulder all the time. The lifts are getting bigger to get more people on the mountain, but that also makes it more dangerous with too many people out there. I am 50, so I guess that makes me part of the older generation, and I love this valley and am an expert and polite skier, but there are too many people on the mountains.

Tina Strauss-Mann

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