Vail Daily letter: Tough lesson for kids |

Vail Daily letter: Tough lesson for kids


A graduation celebration with a life lesson not taught in school or by Mom and Dad:

I have been following the Vail Daily’s coverage of the Wolcott minor in possession (MIP) tickets written by the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office.

There is a point and a lesson that I do not believe has been talked about that I would like to bring up.

First, the law is the law and the Sheriff’s Office had every right to ticket the minors, and that really should go without debate.

However, being told by the police that if you comply and do what we say, you will not be ticketed, only to be ticketed by complying with the officer’s request, is the real issue here.

The police lied to the minors, and that too is not up for debate.

The lesson here that is not taught in school or by parents is the fact that law enforcement can legally lie to you.

Yes, you heard correctly. The police can legally lie and mislead any citizen who they wish to confront.

So, the moral of the story is to be very cautious of what law enforcement tells you because it may not be true or in your best interests.

Law enforcement is rarely your friend (although on occasion it is).

They are there to enforce laws that legislators make.

Law enforcement will take full advantage of the naive.

They are trained to do this.

Being legally lied to and ticketed by the police was the first true real world life lesson that these high school graduates were taught — “a lesson of trust,” and a good lesson it was.

Trust must be earned.

Class dismissed.

Adam Dorfman


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