Vail Daily letter: Town Council not listening |

Vail Daily letter: Town Council not listening

All of the promotional literature said “Vail golf course clubhouse/Nordic center.” When you look at the design, it is a conference center with some space for golf and Nordic operations! This isn’t what we voted for! The conference center space will be the least used space on a day-to-day basis yet is located in the prime location on the property with regard to the golf course views and access to the golf course.

The restaurant that serves the golfing guest is overshadowed by this large space and won’t allow for afternoon sun on the deck as it is designed now. It would be much better to have the south-facing sun with umbrellas than be forced to sit in the shadow of the conference center area. We currently have a nice patio space in the sun where you used to be able to watch friends finishing their round on the original 18th green. The current patio is especially beautiful in the fall when the aspens are changing. At the very least the larger part of the structure, which is currently the conference center space, should be against the driving range screen. That location still has nice views and it would act as a buffer against I-70 and help to create a nicer environment for our golfing guests after they finish their round. After all, this clubhouse is supposed to serve the golfing community as well as provide a base of operations for Nordic center guests. Solaris blocks out I-70 and creates a nice environment for functions on the ice rink area. We still have an opportunity to get this design right!

If the majority of the Town Council keeps insisting on this design, then they aren’t listening to either the voters who put them in office, and I’m one of them, the golfing community or the neighbors along the 18th fairway. Thank God for term limits! No mention of the two lawsuits against the town that we as residents are paying for as a result of the poor judgment and obstinate behavior of most of this Town Council. This majority on the Town Council has created a lot of hard feelings against the homeowners on Sunburst Drive, and it needs to stop now. The majority of the Town Council should stick to what they are good at like organizing this past Alpine World Ski Championships. Our community would be a better place if the majority on the Town Council accepted the input from knowledgeable golfers and homeowners.

Bob Zeltman


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