Vail Daily letter: Traffic pattern isn’t working |

Vail Daily letter: Traffic pattern isn’t working

I just finished reading the article in (Monday’s) Daily about the new traffic pattern on Beaver Creek Boulevard. I wrote a letter to the editor of the Daily a few weeks ago about my concerns for bikers. I would challenge each council member to bike from the stop sign by City Market on East Beaver Creek Boulevard, through the round about exiting on West Beaver Creek Boulevard past the post office and Comfort Inn to the Nottingham Lake parking lot and back.

The biggest problem is the roundabout (both ways) where the bike lane abruptly ends, making it difficult and dangerous to continue through the round about. I tried it once and will never do it again.

The second problem is right after the Comfort Inn where the bike lane ends leading into the sidewalk, forcing bikers to turn into traffic with no warning — for cars or bikers.

On the way back the bike lane was blacktopped right past the Sheraton while leaving a narrow dirt path for the walkers. Why the blacktop could not have been extended over for the walkers for those few yards, I am not sure. Now walkers move over to the bike path so they do not have to walk in the mud or dirt.

Since this was done to help slow traffic and make Avon more walker/biker friendly, I am not sure these goals have been met.

Joyce Pfaff


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