Vail Daily letter: Trail plan unneeded |

Vail Daily letter: Trail plan unneeded

I have resided in the valley for almost 25 years and appreciate all of the planning that is necessary to keep our valley thriving. However, that same planning must be balanced with preserving the natural beauty that brought a large segment of our community to this valley.

Like so many locals, I am an avid hiker, biker, trail runner and all-around athlete, which makes me even more committed to maintaining our natural landscape. And to that end, I want to go on record and request that nothing be done to destroy the beautiful and peaceful South Trail. In fact, as our natural landscape becomes more compromised, it is ever more important that we have these beautiful places of refuge to pass on to future generations.

There are currently many mountain bike trails in the valley that are well utilized, which makes this renovation and extension appear quite unnecessary. It is environmentally unsound and destroys a trail that is used as a peaceful refuge by people and wildlife alike. Again, please do not alter it.

Grace Wellwerts

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