Vail Daily letter: Transgender decision |

Vail Daily letter: Transgender decision

Mr. Glass, as superintendent of our schools, it now has come to pass that you may be required to state your official position regarding the imposition and implementation of “transgender” bathrooms in our public grade, junior high and high schools pursuant to the edicts of the Departments of Education and Justice. Will you comply with this executive “legislation” and morality adjustment in order to keep the federal funds flowing? You may have a dilemma by giving this progressively driven mandate credence, and on the other hand defying it by not invoking another social “experiment” of the liberal persuasion.

Setting aside the politics of it all, consider the source from which this inane regulation emanates. It is not legislated by Congress, and therefore does not reflect the will and sentiments of the people through their elected representatives. Rather, it is a “creature” spawned by an unnamed, un-vetted, unelected and crony appointee of that party who happens to occupy the White House — a White House that has no legislative authority whatsoever under the Constitution. Here we simply have the bluff and bluster of a “regulation” being foisted upon the public under the guise of a “law” with political consequences attached upon our failure to adhere.

We all have personal defects, and if you are unsure of your gender or dissatisfied with it, notwithstanding your outward appearance or the details of your birth certificate, the harsh realities of life demand that you live with the problem, you handle it, you do not visit your social remedies upon the vast majority of us who endure our sexualities with quiet resignation. If you are a boy, you are physically different than a girl regardless of your conflicted “feelings” about it. If you are a tomboy (aka girl), you are still different than the boys, and certainly have the right to discriminate against them when it comes to personal matters such as privacy, hygiene, toiletry and the like. Equivocation about one’s sexual identity can be confusing or frustrating; however, changing bathrooms would do little to resolve this personal dilemma. Conversely, partaking in “musical bathrooms” would cause much consternation and infringement upon the privacy rights of others were one’s personal preferences to be visited upon the majority.

Mr. Glass, you must decide if this “transgender bathroom” pronouncement is the “law.” Then if you rationalize that it is, you must decide whether to enforce it in our school system. You owe it to your constituents and the children to define what is proper in our society or what has become the new morality as dictated by the Code of Federal Regulations. The times are right for you to really superintend, albeit, you may “heap burning coals upon your head” to paraphrase Romans 12:20..

Fredric Butler

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