Vail Daily letter: Tribute not mentioned |

Vail Daily letter: Tribute not mentioned

I look forward each day to the review of the Bravo! Vail concert I have attended the evening before — today, the opening concert by the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. When I read the cover story this morning, I looked for at least a brief mention of the lovely eulogy given by Maestro Alan Gilbert in memory of the late Lorin Maazel. Alas, there was none! Not even a mention of the hauntingly beautiful “Adagio,” by Samuel Barber, played to perfection by the New York Philharmonic, which so eloquently described the sorrow we all feel at the loss of this great conductor. Maazel, who had appeared here in the Vail Valley several years with this pre-eminent symphony orchestra, was a crowd favorite, and it was easy to tell he loved this place! Was your reporter actually at the concert? If she had been, I am sure she would not have failed to remark on the tribute which opened the Philharmonic’s splendid first concert of the 2014 Festival.

Lindy Gold


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