Vail Daily letter: Truly making a difference |

Vail Daily letter: Truly making a difference

Dear Vail Valley community,

I would like to take this opportunity to provide a firsthand account on the profound effect that Vail Veterans Program events have on the lives of our wounded soldiers, airmen, sailors, Marines and their family members.

Prior to their arrival, almost all wounded warriors experience some form of anxiety associated with coming out of their comfort zone to be in situations and around others unfamiliar to them. Many arrive with trust issues that prevent the genuine interaction with others that they enjoyed prior to their disability or injury. I have personally witnessed a tremendous transformation in our warriors as all associated with Vail Veterans Program extended a level of care, concern and love that inspired renewed trust.

Having served 30 years in the Marine Corps, I can honestly say there are few (if any) organizations, associations or programs as well organized and well intended as Vail Veterans Program.

With an average of 22 service members committing suicide each day, the Vail Veterans Program has not only served to uplift the spirits of America’s wounded warriors, their efforts have actually saved lives. As a Marine, it is awesome to know that the Vail Veteran Program exists as one of the few other entities in our society that will never have to wonder if they have made a difference in this world.

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Keith L. Williams

Sergeant major (retired), U.S. Marine Corps

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