Vail Daily letter: Trump brings solutions |

Vail Daily letter: Trump brings solutions

I hope the Vail Daily does not pay Richard Carnes to write My View. For years I have skipped his liberal rants because, for the most part, he never makes any sense. For some unknown reason I did have a mental lapse and read his recent pontification of “sit or stand, makes no difference to me.”

First, Mr. Carnes, my father taught me the purpose of taking your hat off, standing and placing your hand over your heart is to show respect for the United States of America and for which it stands. Unfortunately, over the last several years, respect in our nation seems to be going the way responsibility did 20 years ago.

Second, to compare the actions of an overpaid, under-talented athlete to Donald Trump shows your lack of understanding and respect for the accomplishments of Mr. Trump.

How did you make your money, Mr. Carnes? What funding has allowed you to stay in this beautiful, expensive place for all these years? Did you start and build up a multi-national corporation that has employed hundreds of thousands of workers? Maybe you’re a trust fund baby who has decided to live off the efforts of others or did you just marry right? Whatever has allowed you to stay and flourish in this valley it is not your literary work. Since delving into your latest diatribe I vividly recall why I do not read your columns.

Create a foundation, you say. Sure, we could all create a foundation that would permit us to become multi-millionaires by allowing foreigners to donate millions for political favor from your wife who holds a high government position. Oh, I’m sorry there are only a few select couples that could make that happen and only one couple that would do it! I bet you find the type of wealth that the Clintons have created, which is generated through cronyism rather than capitalism, as a much more respectable way to create personal wealth. Combine that with years of narcissism and lies from both the Clintons and you would state that you have the next leader of the last truly free society in the world.

So tell me, Mr. Carnes, which of the following plays better through your eyes? Donald Trump wants to reduce taxes much like Presidents Kennedy and Reagan did igniting the American economy and putting more money in the working person’s pocket. Mrs. Clinton wants to raise taxes on individuals and corporations, stifling economic growth and taking more money away from citizens. Mr. Trump wants to fix the collapsing Obamacare system. Mrs. Clinton wants to make health care a federally run single-payer system which will make even more, if not all, Americans dependent on the federal government. Mr. Trump wants to stop nation building and wants to work with all governments to defeat ISIS. Mrs. Clinton wants no boots on the ground in the Middle East and she will continue to be overshadowed by powerful foreign leaders. Mr. Trump wants to secure our borders and finally have a sensible immigration policy. Mrs. Clinton wants to bring in tens of thousands of individuals from hostile nations. With Mrs. Clinton we will continue to receive fabricated stories and lack of transparency. With Donald Trump we will continue to discuss difficult national issues and be provided rational solutions. Mrs. Clinton’s cabinet will be comprised of people to whom she owes favors. Mr. Trump’s cabinet will be comprised of the best and brightest individuals from all walks of life.

Finally, Mr. Carnes, when you can get up in the morning, look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself: Can I deal with the truth about America or do I want to live with fluffy stories that play well with the media? Then ask: What is best for the future of my family?

Oh, and we need more Trumps because we need more good-paying, non-government, capitalist-created jobs in America.

Steve Lamontagne

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