Vail Daily letter: Trump degrades his country |

Vail Daily letter: Trump degrades his country

Former Supreme Court Justice Holmes called taxes “the price that citizens pay for life in a civilized society.”

Defense spends over $700 billion per year on military and national security-related expenses, approximately 20 percent of the budget. Budget is actually larger as it includes some of the costs below for military families and veterans.

Financial assistance spends over $700 billion per year (20 percent of budget) and over $450 billion per year on welfare and financial aid programs (13 percent of budget.) It includes veterans and their families.

Health care spends over $700 billion per year (21 percent of budget) on programs such as Medicare that provide health care coverage to the elderly, disabled and individuals that cannot afford care. This budget can includes veterans. Taxpayers pay a separate contribution beyond federal income taxes, so this amount is less than stated from federal income taxes.

Education spends over $68 billion per year to help schools and colleges, approximately 2 percent of the budget.

Transportation receives about $68 billion per year (2-3 percent of budget) to establish and maintain airports, pipelines (gas, oil, etc.) roadways, railroads, waterways, etc.

Business, large and small, privately owned or corporations, benefit from the above, especially transportation, education of their upcoming workforce and defense. They also benefit from paying low wages. Defense protects life, property and wealth. The more property and wealth, the more protection received. Whenever federal income taxes are lowered for the wealthy or large corporations, average individuals and small business end up picking up more of these costs through state, local and sales taxes and fees.

I find it outrageous for a person, supposedly worth billions, to pay no income taxes (even with six bankruptcies, failed businesses), then call himself a supporter of our military and veterans. Anyone who has a business knows about write-offs. How aggressive are Trump’s write-offs for himself and family? Trump has enough money to live the high life and buy influence. When is he going to thank America for the opportunities he has received and stop degrading his country and leaders, including military leaders? If he were an honest individual, he would like other previous candidates, show his tax returns for at least the last 10 years.

Cheryl Moskal

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