Vail Daily letter: Trump woefully unqualified |

Vail Daily letter: Trump woefully unqualified

Trump is in trouble. He has miscalculated badly. Here we are four months from the general election and he has managed to alienate everybody who opposes him, including some within the Republican Party. There is virtually nobody left to denigrate, humiliate, mock, insult, offend, demonize, or verbally trash.

When it comes to Hillary, Trump is becoming apoplectic. The Benghazi strategy hasn’t worked since the Republican House Committee couldn’t come up with a “smoking gun” theory to clearly implicate her. Neither has the email server controversy as the FBI director concluded there was insufficient evidence to warrant an indictment. Trump’s frustrated retort to everything is that Hillary is the world’s most proficient liar, ever, and that the system is rigged. These accusations have enabled Trump to cleverly divert the electorate’s attention away from the fact that “the emperor has no clothes,” a late 19th century political reference to a candidate whose lack of any clear policy on anything exposed him for what he really was/is — a gasbag with no plans.

Having not proposed a single tangible program for the resolution of any problem facing the U.S., Trump now tells us that Americans he has verbally trashed, i.e. Muslims, Jews, Latinos, women, Native Americans and the LBGT community, actually love him and will vote for him in droves. How delusional can one get?

In the entire political history of the U.S. there has never been a presidential candidate so woefully personally and politically unqualified to be president than Trump. He is living proof that “the emperor has no clothes.”

Denny Geraghty


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