Vail Daily letter: Try Dubai |

Vail Daily letter: Try Dubai

I thought I would try to provide Ms. Arakelian some alternative vacation ideas since Vail is no longer an option for her family. Based on her criteria that her son be sheltered from the following: exposure to marijuana use, discussion of marijuana use, and the dangers of skiers who may have ingested marijuana as recently as the previous evening, her ski vacation options are limited. I’m compelled to make you aware, Ms. Arakelian, that even pious Utah is not immune from these plebeian indulgences. However, there is one place that meets her standards of conduct and caters to a demographic much like her own. Nowhere else but the protected confines of Ski Dubai will Ms. Arakelian find the literal and metaphorical bubble she needs to protect her family.

Sure it may lack Vail’s famed back bowls, but you won’t find glass bowls anywhere in it’s 280 vertical feet of man-made snow covered indoor terrain. Possession of even the smallest amount of marijuana is punishable by a lengthy prison stay or death. Lift tickets are only $88/day, but rest assured the clientele’s lifestyle far exceeds the lowly Vail Valley residents’ resin-caked existence. Sure, it’s a hemisphere away, but that’s a small price to pay to avoid an honest conversation with your son about drugs. Ski Dubai!

Quick travel tip – careful when trying to impose your values on other cultures, it’s a sensitive subject in that part of the world. Crusades and whatnot.

Braeden Flaherty


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