Vail Daily letter: Turned away at parking lot |

Vail Daily letter: Turned away at parking lot

Recently, we attended a Bravo concert with a cardiac handicapped individual. We arrived at the lot above the Ford Amphitheater with a handicapped tag at 5:05 p.m. and were told twice there was no handicapped parking available. Further, we were told there was parking available at the Vail parking garage (there was not) and that Vail had exceeded the required amount of handicapped spots at that lot. Even if there were parking spaces available in the garage, this individual would have had to walk to the elevator, to the bus, and then wait for the golf cart, still a fair amount of walking for someone with a cardiac handicap. There were many parking spots available on the upper lot, but there were red cones in front of them (no doubt reserved for the patrons), but there were also many spots available with no cones in front of them. Who were these reserved for? As long as there is a person with a legitimate disability needing a parking spot, there will never be the “required” number of handicapped parking spots available.

Steven A. Field

Tampa, Fla.

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