Vail Daily letter: Turning point |

Vail Daily letter: Turning point

Our country and our state are at a critical turning point 2014. Our choices in the coming November elections could impact generations to come.

On a national level Paul Ryan’s proposed budget is just one example of what could happen if we elect Republicans to key offices. He wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act which now benefits 7 million Americans without proposing a credible alternative. He would continue the ‘dumbing down’ of our children, future voters, by cutting funds to K-12 education. Not only that, but Ryan thinks Medicaid and food stamps should be cut to incentivize the poor to go out and get those nonexistent jobs. And these people call themselves Christians. Amazing. Clearly they must think Jesus was kidding.

Right-wing conservatives would also like us to believe that our gas guzzling, throw-away society does not contribute to climate change. The earth cannot regenerate our resources at the rate we are consuming them, yet there is no outcry for the production of solar and wind power. Many continue to deny that we have to live within our ecological means. Well respected scientists say we are near the ‘tipping point,’ beyond which the damage to our ecosystem will be permanent, beyond reclamation. This means fundamental changes for your children and grandchildren, if they can survive on a compromised Earth.

On a state level, those with Republican governors and legislatures are doing all they can to restrict voter registration and voting by requiring documentation many Americans don’t have or cannot afford. Birth certificates have been lost or destroyed over the years and, believe it or not, many do not have passports to prove citizenship. Early voting opportunities and weekend voting have been reduced or eliminated. These measures are clearly aimed at likely democratic voters, the working poor and minorities.

In addition, the anti-women agenda is hurtling along with the attempts to eliminate abortion entirely. They don’t seem to care if family planning clinics, which provide gynecological care as well as abortions, are being forced to close because of overly restrictive requirements. Women aren’t the only people their discrimination effects.

The “Christian” right also want us to make laws to discriminate against homosexuals, denying loving couples the same rights they have.

Just this week, the right-wing Supreme Court put another nail in the coffin of democracy by ruling again that money is speech. Wealthy individuals can now buy even more candidates who will be beholden to them. The right knows they have to do everything in their power to buy and rig elections because they cannot win with their destructive, inhumane agenda.

Although I don’t always agree with democrats – we are a cantankerous bunch – I will vote this year for people who care about women, children, education, the working poor, minorities, civil rights, equal rights and who understand the meaning of ‘one person, one vote.’ Please join me in sending a message to those who would try to destroy our democracy by voting for thoughtful, concerned Democrats this election season.

Carole Onderdonk


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