Vail Daily letter: U.S. tracking ex-detainees? |

Vail Daily letter: U.S. tracking ex-detainees?

Releasing five terrorists leaders in exchange for a single American soldier would seem to decrease our national security. We should admire how our security agencies are keeping the media focus off of the released Taliban prisoners by emphasizing disciplinary issues with Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. Why did it take so many years to make the exchange? Perhaps it took a lot of time and resources to develop the non-detectable GPS and A/V transmission systems that were implanted into the Taliban prisoners. Their release will prove far more of an asset to the U.S. than the terrorists.

Of course, the administration will deny this claim since it violates human rights and, more importantly, would stop the transmission of valuable information that we have already received from the released prisoners. Therefore, denial will provide confirmation. We will only know the claim is false if the administration admits to this ingenious plot in an effort to keep other terrorists from any contact with the released leaders. If you were a terrorist would you cooperate with these unwitting double agents or avoid them?

Todd Rymer

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