Vail Daily letter: Udall for U.S. Senate |

Vail Daily letter: Udall for U.S. Senate

As a Coloradan and a professional snowboarder, I’m writing to urge all skiers, snowboarders and snow sport lovers to go out and vote this Tuesday! The U.S. has been making progress on clean energy legislation, but if the right people don’t get elected (specifically in Colorado!), unfortunately we run the enormous risk of a lot of that hard work being reversed. Climate change is a real and present threat to winter and all snow sports and that also translates to the Colorado lifestyle that we all know and love. One of the most impactful ways you can stand up for the environment this election is by voting for Mark Udall for Senate. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Sen. Udall both in Colorado and on Capitol Hill. Not only is he a skier and outdoorsman, but he’s also a climate champion on Capitol Hill who stands up for our environment and supports solutions to climate change. So please go out on Tuesday and vote for the environment by voting for Mark Udall!

Gretchen Bleiler

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