Vail Daily letter: Ultimate power of voting |

Vail Daily letter: Ultimate power of voting

We as a nation have finally found ourselves at edge of an abyss we never imagined, not at least in several generations. We as a nation have heard the news of the suspension of Cruz’s presidential bid and allowing Trump to become the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. It was a gallant effort by many to organize and formulate a response to the Trump momentum but it was too little, too late.

As many on both sides mourn on the acceptance of Trump being the Republican presidential nominee, I believe there is a shining light in this moment.

Traditional Republicans are repulsed of this paradigm shift to the individual who now represents the Grand Ol’ Party. Democrats are standing in disbelief as to how can it be so easy to have a different “Democrat” re-elected to office in this current environment. Both sides are right and wrong for many reasons. Both sides asked for what they have, yet never wanted, and don’t know what to do with the prospects of actualization of current events.

As a nation, as individual voters, we decide individually who represents us. Many if not most of the time, we individual voters struggle deciding who is worth our meager one vote. As a society living in the United States we have finally found our Oedipus Rex crossroads where individually and collectively we need to decide, are we bound by fate or do we have a choice in the matter?

Can we as the voters of the United States allow this course of action to continue? We no longer vote for whom we want — that candidate no longer exists. It has become a choice of the lesser of two evils long ago. Now when we vote, we cast our vote for which we do not want in office.

Now for the good news: No matter how you feel which candidate is more qualified, fit for the job, is nicer to people, is more “presidential,” has less controversy in their lives, the fact remains the same — one of them will become the next president of the United States.

If you ever thought you were just one person with one vote, now is the time to exercise the ultimate power of voting and vote for the person you believe will lead our nation, the United States of America, in the direction which will best serve our citizens and the nations of the world.

Be investigative, calculative and thoughtful in your decision process. Most importantly, remember — you own your vote and let this power shine through you.

A. Stroeve


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