Vail Daily letter: Unfair generalization |

Vail Daily letter: Unfair generalization

I recently read the commentary “Dangerous snowboarders” in the Vail Daily. First, I know the commentary wasn’t Vail Daily’s view. The commentary was put in by an upset citizen and approved by Vail Daily. I was pretty upset by this commentary as a snowboarder, but I am hoping my perspective will be given as much attention as this guy’s was. I am writing my own commentary to respond to rude allegations and the generalization of a whole community of snowboarders.

I am a snowboarder and have a lot of friends that are skiers. We get along just fine. I will not generalize the whole skiing community like this guy did to the snowboarding community in his commentary, because I know there are still a lot of awesome and friendly skiers out there. I am just speaking for the whole snowboarding community when I say this whole skiing/snowboarding rivalry is a two-way street. I have been run over a handful of times by skiers and cut off by even more than I can count.

Just so everyone knows, we have to get speed so we can snowboard. When a skier is making huge “s” turns down a packed, almost flat, catwalk everyone else gets stuck behind them and I have to unstrap my binding and skate the whole catwalk because this guy thought it was his own personal run. Just like some skiers like to do their ginormous “s” turns across a whole run, we like to get speed, otherwise we can’t even go. We don’t have poles to help us go faster.

I just want everyone to know our goal as snowboarders is not to ruin anyone’s time or get in the way. It’s quite the opposite actually. We just want to have fun and share the mountain like most everyone else. I try to look for others and not take up a whole run or catwalk because I know what it’s like to be cut off or not have any room to ride.

What upsets me most is that this guy thinks he is superior to a whole community of people and that we should be taken care of by Vail by being kept in a segregated area. Are you serious? Do you hear what you are saying? We just want to keep the peace and enjoy our days and hope guys like this don’t ruin it for us. Whenever you have so many people in a given area there are bound to be some disagreements, but a whole community of people should not be punished for what one snowboarder did to you.

The issue isn’t with one sport knowing more than the other. Collisions are bound to happen when you have so many people in one area. The only thing we can do is know proper mountain etiquette and follow the rules given to us.

Lexi Csargo


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