Vail Daily letter: Unintended consequences |

Vail Daily letter: Unintended consequences

Congratulations to Claire Noble on her very well-reasoned comments on “tough summer jobs” for our youth (Valley Voices, April 3). She is right on. The overwhelming majority of summer jobs for youth are low-paid service jobs such as those she describes from her personal experience and they provide a valuable learning experience for those who labor at them. The overwhelming number of those types of jobs — McDonald’s, pizza restaurants, etc. — attract mostly young, temporary workers during the summer and throughout the year. Very few people experience the misfortune of having to work those low-paid jobs permanently while trying to support a family.

In the world of unintended consequences, political efforts to increase the minimum wage at those typical places of temporary employment to uneconomic levels in the belief that a very small percentage of those employees might be able to “support a family” threatens the temporary employment and valuable lifetime experience of countless youth who just want temporary employment and don’t expect to live on those low wages for any lengthy period of time. The result is fewer jobs for everyone.

Joe McHugh

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