Vail Daily letter: Unwilling to work together |

Vail Daily letter: Unwilling to work together

The letters recently submitted to the Vail Daily and the editorials by Don Rogers regarding the suspension of Jon Stavney compel me to ask a question. How could it possibly be in the best interest of the citizens of Eagle to reinstate Stavney when it is obvious that there is an unwillingness for the majority of the town trustees to continue working with him? Regardless of what their reasons are, they have made it pretty clear they want somebody else as town manager and they are willing to bear the associated costs that will surely come with this decision.

Apparently they feel strongly enough about this that they didn’t want to wait until his contract was up, so why are people hoping to convince the board to reinstate him? What kind of productivity should we expect to see when there is this much dissension between the board and the town manager? Eagle has enough issues to deal with; why attempt to solve problems in a hostile work environment?

Tim Barca


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