Vail Daily letter: Upstanding citizens

I was shocked and dismayed by the attack on Avon Council members Chris Evans and Todd Goulding. I have been on the Avon Planning and Zoning Commission with both men. They were held in high respect by all P&Z commissioners serving with them, so much so that they were elected as commission chair persons. In the seven years I served with Chris, I never saw any sign of his being at cross purposes with the town’s best interest.

He and I didn’t always agree, but we respected each other’s position and motivation to do the best for Avon. Todd followed Chris as chair of P&Z and continued to keep the P&Z focused upon what was right for Avon. Todd’s dynamic leadership was effective in a much-needed redo of the Avon Land Use Code. Both projects cited by the attackers were first reviewed by the P&Z after Chris and Todd were elected to the council and no longer on the P&Z. Both projects, after making changes requested by the commission, were unanimously approved by the Avon P&Z. Chris and Todd had no participation or influence upon those decisions. Many projects reviewed by the P&Z during both chairperson’s leadership have succeeded or failed based upon their own merit, and not by any undue influence. These attacks are completely unfounded.

Phil Struve


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