Vail Daily letter: Vail needs a market |

Vail Daily letter: Vail needs a market

I just left Vail after spending three weeks in fantastic ski conditions. But when I arrived I was stunned to see that there is still no market in Vail Village, no place in which to buy groceries. If I’m not mistaken, the town of Vail was heavily involved in the building of multiple condominiums in the village within the last few years. They all have kitchens. Vail is a pedestrian village. And yet … no market. Did this just fall through the cracks? Wasn’t there a plan for a grocery store in Solaris?

I find it so surprising and disappointing that, with all the visitor-friendly accommodations that Vail Resorts and the town make for people who come here, that they don’t do this one simple thing: provide a place in the village where a condo renter can actually buy food. Believe me, we will still frequent the restaurants (they are some of the best in the country!) but one night we might like to make dinner or have appetizers before we go out. Or cook a simple breakfast in the morning. And Delizioso doesn’t cut it.

Why can’t the town of Vail make this happen? It should happen. It could be a City Market satellite. Something!

Pat Parrish

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