Vail Daily letter: Vail Rec simply the best |

Vail Daily letter: Vail Rec simply the best

My wife, Sally, and I had a home here in Vail for almost 30 years. We raised our three children on the mountain, skiing every chance we got.

Now the children are off living their lives and we’re retired. The skis are getting dusty, as we now spend our winters in Arizona.

But we live for the summers in Vail. Every summer, our days are filled with outdoor activities. The heart of those activities revolves around the superb facilities and staff provided by the Vail Recreation District.

We practically live on the beautiful tennis courts at Ford Park. And when we’re not there, we are walking the Vail Golf Course (usually looking for a ball I’ve lost).

At either venue, there are two constants: The facilities are in fabulous condition with spectacular views, and the staff at both locations are nothing short of fantastic.

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The Ford Park tennis staff — Bobby, Karen, Dano, Tom and the rest of the crew — run tons of programs every week that involve hundreds of tennis players at all levels. People travel from all over the valley to participate. What a gem for this village. The recent Mountain Haus Tennis Tourney was fantastic, a flawless weekend (other than my losses!) that had hundreds of participants and fans loving every minute of the tournament.

And then there’s Vail golf. Is it possible there is a better public golf course anywhere? From Ed, Carolyn, Jeff, Dana, Curtis, Robie and the crew grabbing the clubs to Bryan and all the shop staff, the perfect condition of the course, Mac, Danny. B.C. and Dick keeping times on track, and the programs Alice, Chris and Jon run — it is a world-class operation.

I bring guests to the Ford Park tennis courts and the Vail Golf Course frequently. They always have the same comments: “This is amazing! Do you know how lucky you are to have these facilities and staff in Vail?”

I do. I just hope all of us that live here say thank you often enough to all those who work for the Vail Recreation Department. They are doing a job that is unparalleled anywhere I have ever been.

Jeffrey Horn

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