Vail Daily letter: Vail’s interests ‘Trumped’ |

Vail Daily letter: Vail’s interests ‘Trumped’

So, Trump’s Mexican rhetoric is alarming to Vail’s mayor (Chapin), and it is “offensive” and “hurtful” to Vail’s representative (Polis), all because it is damaging to “our” elitist image, business revenues and skier visits from south of the border (“Mayor Dave Chapin seeing ‘alarming’ Mexico rhetoric,” Monday’s Vail Daily). This again is more indicia that we who dwell and prosper in the valley live in a cloistered and privileged microcosm on the “world’s stage”; for you see I have witnessed over the years (since 1962) that: One, those Mexicans that frequent our slopes arrive in either private jets or first class seats on commercial flights into Eagle – not on foot across a forbidding desert, or packaged in closed and airless vans, or on top of a railroad car; two, that many, if not most, of the Mexican owned real estate in Vail or Beaver Creek are second homes in addition to the estates or “estancias” owned by our southern friends; three, that the monies expended by these “visitors” are directed toward the hedonistic enjoyment of fine dining at our expensive bistros, cafes and restaurants, yes even McCoy’s in Beaver Creek, and for luxury items such as furs, skis/bindings, jewelry or fine artwork.

How dare Trump jeopardize and malign “our” financial interests with his rhetorical protestations against the unlawful executive orders that circumvent our legislated immigration statutes! How dare he seek to enforce the rule of law that would preclude illegal entry into this sovereign nation! How dare Mr. Trump advocate remedying the proliferation of illicit drugs across our borders or pre-empt criminals and/or terrorists from entry or habitation in Mr. Polis’s sanctuary cities.

Mr. Trump just happens to be a “weed” in our national political patch, rather than a “shrinking violet” on the local scene; for, you see, to him the term “our” not only includes Vail’s interests and denizens, but those citizens elsewhere in “our” American sovereignty. Ergo, those American ranchers on the southern borders of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico or New York have property and financial interests that need be addressed also! Eliminate the weeds in our little Vail garden, and you will soon reap the flowers of regret and despair. Mr. Trump’s siren call is not to destroy “our” little part of Americana or to prevent the legal entry of the fortunate Mexicans into the Vail Valley; his concerns extend beyond our cloistered borders to include what we claim to own as a sovereign nation. He advocates something rather novel to the likes of Chapin, Bennet or Polis — he only demands that the interests of all Americans, even the unfortunates and legal immigrants, be addressed. He would prohibit the illegal entry of aliens, including those fortunate Mexican cartels or well financed Middle Eastern terrorist.

Trump’s purview of concerns are, to say the least, much broader than that of Mr. Chapin’s, for the national office he seeks has a different calling than Vail’s mayoral one. Vail’s financial interests might just be “Trumped” by the presidency of the United States.

Fredric Butler

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