Vail Daily letter: Van Beek for sheriff |

Vail Daily letter: Van Beek for sheriff

For the first time in nearly a dozen years, there will be a new Eagle County sheriff in office after the November election. We believe James van Beek is the right person for the job.

During our respective careers in the county as a journalist and a wildlife officer, we often worked either with or alongside the Sheriff’s Office. From the time he started as a patrol deputy, James demonstrated an aptitude for law enforcement. His knowledge, technique, experience and willingness to learn allowed him to work his way up through the ranks to become a detective and a field training officer. He earned the respect of his fellow officers as well as his supervisors.

His post-Sheriff’s Office work as a civilian police officer working for the United Nations’ mission in Kosovo gave him an opportunity to practice law enforcement from another perspective. He developed the management, planning and organizational skills needed to run a department of law enforcement officers. Those assignments also demonstrated his willingness to try new methods and learn new skills.

James knows Eagle County. He has lived here for 25 years. As a sheriff’s deputy, his work took him all over the county. He makes his home downvalley and has worked as a security supervisor on Vail Mountain.

As a law enforcement officer and citizen, James has always been very approachable. Citizens will find it easy to talk with him and make their needs heard. He has the people skills necessary to manage the law enforcement needs of this county, ranging from rural ranches to sophisticated resort communities.

James van Beek is an honest, capable and open lawman and citizen. He would be an excellent county sheriff.

Kathy and Bill Heicher


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