Vail Daily letter: Van Beek for sheriff |

Vail Daily letter: Van Beek for sheriff

Yes, it’s no secret that I am supporting James van Beek, a friend and colleague of many years. I have found James to be a man of integrity and moral strength. I confess when an advertisement came from Daric Harvey cutting James because he is currently employed as a bus driver I became intensely defensive, not just of James but of every worker in this valley who holds a job that another would deem is beneath them. This valley is filled every year with people who love the fresh snow, beauty of the mountains and the variety of amenities we may take for granted. You will see nurses loading lifts, doctors working retail, and professional law enforcement officers driving a bus. I will tell you his diverse employment is another reason you should vote for van Beek.

Frustrated, I phoned James to console him. His positive attitude, his calming way made me see that retaliating is not a solution. You will not see James digress to objectionable ads regarding Harvey because he respects all people. His revere of individuals, their rights, views and freedoms far exceed his own personal beliefs. He treats every person with dignity and respect. In reflection I admit I have never seen him attack another, speak poorly of someone or act in a condescending manner to another. I believe that Harvey and his team have used it to their advantage.

Finding a crack in someone’s armor to disrespect a person is not difficult. We are all vulnerable, finding a way to protect the thin shell that we operate behind. Is it not just a curtain that reveals the true Oz? You can be “great and powerful” without a curtain. James has no curtain; he is the person you see.

We should all be determined to elect a sheriff who sees our potential, who admires the strength in us all. One whose sole purpose is to find justice for every person regardless of their station in life. James’ devotion to the people of this community has already begun by modeling the behavior each one of us seeks. He will stand for each of you; protect your rights, intentions and dignity. His moral character has made him the man he is today.

James was the right person for the job in Kosovo. He aided a country destined for social equality, building relationships and trust to a democratic end. His teaching and direction helped a community and country find their own way. Not his way. His relationships and friendships lasted the test of time, because there is a true deep-seated love for his family, community and country.

Elect the person who leads with compassion and professionalism for all, not for the one.

I respectfully ask you to vote James van Beek,

Kim Andree

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