Vail Daily letter: Van Beek for sheriff |

Vail Daily letter: Van Beek for sheriff

First impressions of someone are insightful and lasting. Over time, these nuances may be either enhanced or degraded by experience and observation. Mr. van Beek, a candidate for sheriff, recently left me with a different perspective of what I envision our “police state” to be, and now I have hope of change for the better.

Here is a man of quiet countenance, but of perception and engagement with those of his constituents — he listens, he observes and he inculcates that information into his actions. Van Beek’s qualifications for the job are without question, and therefore need no further mention. The job of a “high sheriff” encompasses more than “policing” — it is the enforcement of the law also through cooperation and education of his personnel as well as with the people to whom he is accountable.

Although I am fallible in perception, I believe that van Beek would engage the “posse” to work with him to create a safer and more prosperous community. He seems not to be so much an overseer or governor, if you would, of those in lesser office; and in this he would be an equal and not an official constraint on one’s liberty to remain an individual.

Perhaps Mr. Harvey may have a different perspective as to the function of a sheriff. Hopefully, it would be one of constitutional proportion.

Fredric Butler

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