Vail Daily letter: Van Beek for sheriff |

Vail Daily letter: Van Beek for sheriff

There are 530,000 elected offices in America, every one important. The right to vote wasn’t just handed to Americans. Our forefathers fought for it. We still do.

One of the primary freedoms that America offers its people is the basic democratic right to vote. With that right comes opportunity and responsibility for each resident to choose individuals who will create safe and secure communities for all of its citizens.

Choosing a candidate who is best qualified is key — one with long-standing interest in the community, who understands the needs of its people on a personal level, who has the unique combination of integrity, common sense, leadership ability, an individual who has a firm grasp on the big picture of current issues and future requirements.

Eagle County is very fortunate to have such a person living among them. James van Beek is your local candidate for sheriff. James has a personal and vested interest in the law enforcement needs of the entire county. He understands those needs because he and his family have been a part of your community for over 25 years. He is the only candidate who has been a part of Eagle County’s history, knows its present concerns and has a clear vision of its future.

I began my career in law enforcement in Eagle County, hired as a patrol deputy by Sheriff A.J Johnson. My time in Eagle County has always been the highlight of my 20 years in the profession. I have since worked around the world with countless men and women who I am proud to call friend. But few have left as good as an impression as those I worked with as an Eagle County deputy. James van Beek was one of those individuals, showing me the ropes, leading by example, giving me the tools I would need to succeed as a police officer, training officer, criminal detective, and senior international criminal investigative advisor of the U.S. State Department.

I currently work in an underground Tactical Operation Center of a U.S. facility in Afghanistan. I watch in constant frustration as inaction and poor decision making seem to be the basis of many U.S. elected officials.

From this post I have a unique overseas “big picture” view, not only of the U.S., but also of how the rest of the world sees it. Rarely has it been more important for America to make a stand. Voting for and electing individuals such as James van Beek can ensure our community and individual freedoms remain protected.

Now is the time to place experienced leadership into our elected positions. James van Beek has the sound judgment, understanding and ability to listen to his community. The leadership he will provide as your sheriff will bring common sense back to the law enforcement needs of the community.

I strongly support James van Beek as the next elected sheriff of Eagle County.

Kristopher B. Lulloff

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