Vail Daily letter: Van Beek for sheriff |

Vail Daily letter: Van Beek for sheriff

To the citizens of Eagle County:

I have known James van Beek and Joe Hoy for 25 years. It is without hesitation that I endorse James Van Beek as our next sheriff.

I have seen the performance of both James and his opponent from the perspective of both prosecution and defense. James never wrote petty tickets as a road deputy and treated the public with respect. Our current Sheriff’s Office has to regularly defend lawsuits due to its conduct.

James has a diverse background in law enforcement. He was a road deputy, a field training officer and a detective with Eagle County. He led the investigations into the eco-terrorists that attacked the Two Elk restaurant at Vail. He served our country both in the U.S. Army and as a civilian police officer under the United Nations in Kosovo and under the U.S. State Department in Afghanistan. In both Kosovo and Afghanistan he set up police forces. James and his wife, Carrie, own their home in Eagle where they are raising their two sons who attend Eagle County public schools.

Our current sheriff went around the taxpayers vote to build the jail expansion that is now costing the county $2 million dollars a year! Our current sheriff doesn’t own a home in Eagle County. When he is in the county it is behind locked gates in the exclusive Pilgrim Downs community at someone else’s house.

We have not heard from our current sheriff in years. Now that it is election time our sheriff who has been retired on duty for the past three years is suddenly active and is in the public eye.

I believe it is time for a change. Time for someone who is accessible, accountable and responsible.

What can we do to help?

Log on to to contribute and learn more about James.

Talk to your friends and neighbors.

Vote by June 24 and let your voice be heard! It is our county!

Bruce Carey

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