Vail Daily letter: Van Beek for sheriff |

Vail Daily letter: Van Beek for sheriff

To my fellow citizens of Eagle County,

I am writing this letter in support of James Van Beek who is running for sheriff of Eagle County. I have known James for approximately 20 years and have worked with James at the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office for 15-plus of those years. I have seen James develop various skills, but most of all I’ve seen James interact with people of all walks of life.

I must say his understanding, compassion, and the level of care that he demonstrated as deputy sheriff showcases his ability to communicate with citizens and understand their needs, concerns and at times their demands.

These are all attributes a person would need to have to become the sheriff of Eagle County.

This is the very reason why James has my support for sheriff of Eagle County. I believe he is a true leader as he is honest, up front and to the point — a man of the people.

Charlie V. Cooper

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