Vail Daily letter: Van Beek for sheriff |

Vail Daily letter: Van Beek for sheriff

James van Beek is what Eagle County needs in a sheriff. The reasons why are simple: Integrity, experience, commitment. Integrity is something we all look for in people, but it is hard to find in everyday life. James van Beek has integrity and this was shown to me and my parents the day of my brother Kyle Hall’s funeral service in Eagle. Van Beek made sure my parents and I had a place to stay, knew where we were going because we had never been to the service location before, as always a delight to be around just like he was the day of my brother’s wedding and as a true friend of my brother carried Kyle in to the service. That is true integrity.

Van Beek has shown his experience to Eagle County as a 25-year resident and 20 years in law enforcement through his experience working in Eagle and overseas. In today’s society people need a multi-versatile thinker who has experience of both local town day-to-day law as well as working internally as a detective to a commander in an international police station. In our society we no longer live in simple times and we do not need simple thinkers. Van Beek provides a wide knowledge base of diversity, community first and prevention efforts.

Van Beek has a passion and commitment to Eagle County and will serve and protect it as it should be through his accessibility, accountability and responsiveness. Due to van Beek’s integrity, commitment and experience he would be the best sheriff for Eagle County because he truly embraces the community and the people he serves no matter the circumstances.

K.C. Harris (formerly Hall)

Lisle, Ill.

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